How does 1% back work

1% back is a vtsolarenergy.com.ng way of appreciating our customers as well as an incentive for even more people to go renewable. For every product bought from us. You get a percent back.

How does solar system work

Sunlight falls on solar panels or photo voltaic module to produce direct current electricity and fed into DC controllers which regulate them to the battery for conversion into alternating current. The alternating current produced can be conveniently used at home.


How long will solar panels last

For every 1000 solar panel produced, statistics shows about 10 of them fail in 40 years. Generally quality solar panels can last for as long as 25 years.


Is solar really worth it for the price it goes

Yes!!! See solar system as another investment with great returns. Think of it this way, Generators will give you power only for the time you require it to be on but then the amount spent on running them just for that required time in two years would have done a solar system that will last for 5 years and more. The cost of generator maintenance and possible replacement not factored in.


What capacity of Solar power do I need

The amount of solar power required is usually proportional to the loads or appliances you want to power. Contact us via our channels for more specific questions and answers.


How many solar panels do I need to power my duplex?

The number is totally dependent on the load to be powered and the wattage of panel being used. If Mr A wants to power a load of 1000w and wants to put 3000w array of panel, buying 300w panel will entail using 10 units of solar panels.

And if Mr B wants to power same load with same total array of panels using 250w panel he would be needing 12 of it.


How long can my batteries last?

Again this is dependent on the load being used. While there are complex and more complicated formulas for calculating this, the simplest formula one can use to check this is


V x AH x n x0.8 / W= No of Hrs

V- Volts

AH- Amp hour rating of the battery

n-Number of batt

0.8- is the depth of Discharge

W- Total wattage of the loads being powered by the batteries.


What are the components of a solar System?

Three basic components are solar panels, inverters and batteries.  Other accessories include charge controllers which are used only with solar panels if you don’t use an Hybrid Inverter.


What are the maintenance procedures and cost?

Solar PV systems have no moving parts and require no maintenance apart from cleaning the panels with water hose especially during dry season. The dust will naturally wash off during the rainy seasons.


What happens during the rainy season with panel charge.

During rainy season there is usually enough sunlight when it is not instantaneously raining or drizzling. This period provides the perfect condition for solar panels to work optimally as too much heat reduces the panel efficiency.

Again these concerns led to the birth of MPPT controllers which have the ability to compensate for inadequate sun power. Some of them go as far as showing you the total energy harvest made for the day and stores it over a period.




How long can the Components for Installations Last?

Three major components are solar panels, batteries and inverters.

Inverters last for a life time apart from occasional part failure which can be replaced. This should also guide your decision in making a purchase.

Solar panels last for about 25 years or more before they degrade

Batteries require changing after a while. The frequency of this change is greatly dependent on usage and sulfation.